2023 Winter Solstice Gift Guide

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In the spirit of our shared journey, we’d like to extend a token of appreciation by offering a curated selection of book, media, and other recommendations from a few of our team members. These recommendations, handpicked with care, are a reflection of the shared interests and passions that bind us. We hope they bring joy and inspiration to your moments of rest + reflection.

You can also enjoy (and contribute to) this collaborative Winter Solstice playlist!

Chanté’s Picks

Practicing New Worlds: Abolition and Emergent Strategies, Andrea J. Ritchie “Part of amb’s Emergent Strategy series. This book offers a variety of perspectives and practices. So far, my favorite part of the book is the chapter entitled “Abolition is Fractal,” which opens with the phrase: ‘Abolition starts with how you talk to yourself.’ 💜💜💜”

Undrowned Black Feminists Lessons from Marine Mammals by Alexis Pauline Gumbs “Another amazing book part of amb’s Emergent Strategy series. Undrowned is poetically written and full of beautiful metaphors! This book offers mini activities that you can return to over and over.

Rada’s Picks

Shanelle Harrison’s Art “I believe that creativity is deeply human. Art galleries + art museums are a place that I find my center, and am resourced by the reminder of our individual and collective creative capacity.”

🌀 Intuitive Movement “My body is different as I age, and has been impacted by the pandemic. I’m intentionally working to disentangle myself from the ableism and override that has informed my approach to exercise and movement. As I approach movement with curiosity and attunement, rather than goals and discipline, I find myself feeling more grounded and ease-ful throughout my day.”

yasmin’s Pick

☀️ The Sun! “The way the Sun always finds its way through my window on the coldest, grim days inspires me to be present to the day and those to come. That single moment of sunshine helps me rise slowly and just be here, even if I crawl back into bed later!”

AdeOla’s Picks

Myleik Teele Podcast hosted by the ever evolving Myleik Teele “is encouraging, vulnerable and practical.  I am both held and challenged. A perfect blend of being called in and called out

The Second in Command, Cameron Herold “As I navigate a huge transition in my professional career going from a CEO and founder to exploring what is next, The Second in Command is helping me understand the need of other founders around me and where I could serve and thrive.

Lee’s Pick

The Mother of All Lies, Asmae El Moudir “Asmae El Moudir is a Moroccan woman who defies social norms by refusing to be silent about a community trauma that negatively impacted her family. As a woman of color, I’m inspired by her courage and refusal to accept and sweep truth under the rug.”

Amos’s Picks

Falling Back in Love with Being Human, Kai Cheng Thom “Kai Cheng Thom offers a blueprint for falling back in love with being human. Through love letters, rituals and searing tenderness she inspires me to be in the world anew.

The Memoirs of Miss Chief Eagle Testickle: Vol. 1, Kent Monkman “Kent Monkman revolutionizes the world with her art, words and now her true and exact history of Turtle Island

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